Cast iron and steel casting

La société

The company

Charollaise Foundry was founded in 1984 as the result of the takeover of Fournier Mouillon. The company is located in Saône-et-Loire in Burgundy, the crossroads for the most important transit routes in Europe (140 km to the north-west of Lyon and 120 km to the south-east of Dijon).

Today, Charollaise Foundry operates as an iron-sand foundry that encompasses all levels of production, including design, reverse engineering and product finishing.

Cast iron and steel casting

Fonderie Mathieu

Ferrous metal casting

Fonderie Charolaise

Precision engineering

Mécanique de précision

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Charollaise Foundry also produces parts for hydraulic and thermal power generation.

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Railway operation

Charollaise Foundry has been producing replacement parts and end products for the railway sector for more than 10 years.

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